6 Simple Tips To Help You Stay On Your Medication Regimen

6 Simple tips to help you stay on your medication regimen

It’s easy to lose track of your medication and forget to take it on time, especially if you have several prescriptions to follow. But the reality is that taking your medication on time every day ensures you receive the maximum health benefits. More importantly, not taking your medication as directed can be harmful to your health and worsen your condition. It could also make you feel dizzy and nauseous.

To help you keep track of your prescriptions and dosing schedule, try some of these simple tips:

  1. Create a prescription profile

As a way to keep on top of your medications, make a list of the names of all your prescriptions, their intended purpose, how many you take a day, and at what time of day. List any contraindications or precautions like drug interactions and side effects. As a visual guide, you can tape one of the actual pills to the top of each column in your list.

  1. Download a med reminder app

If you are tech savvy, you can use your smartphone to download one of the many apps designed to remind you to take your medication. Alternatively, you can use your cell phone to set an alarm to go off each time you need to take your pills. Similarly, you can set notification reminders on your computer or iCalendar.

  1. Make it part of your routine

 Coincide your medication schedule around your daily routine. For example, brushing your teeth is a good time to take your medication. If you take medication twice a day, morning and evening, then brushing your teeth will act as a reminder. You can even stick a note to the bathroom mirror to make sure you take your meds. 

  1. Use a pill box

Pill boxes are another effective way to help you stay on top of your medication. Whether you choose daily, weekly, or monthly pill organizers, you can find a wide variety from stacking pill boxes to rotating pill dispensers. Additionally, there are electronic pill organizers that bleep, blink, and calculate your next scheduled dosage on a digital display.

  1. Color code your prescription bottles

Use adhesive labels on your medication bottles to identify which pills you need to take in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

  1. Check with your pharmacist

The best person to go to with your prescription questions is your pharmacist. They know all the tricks of the trade and can assist you in simplifying your medication regimen.

If you do happen to forget to take your medication, make sure you’re not doubling your dose by taking twice as many pills the next time. Additionally, it’s never a good idea to stop taking your medication suddenly, even when symptoms seem to improve. Make sure you complete the full prescription and consult your doctor if you want to change or stop a particular medication. Our bodies are very sensitive to chemical changes and as a result, may experience unpleasant, adverse reactions.

Taking your medication consistently on time every day is important to your health and the effective treatment of your condition. Try some of these helpful tips so you can safely and effectively stick to your medication regimen and treatment program. 


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