CoQ10 Effect on Exercise Performance

CoQ10 Effect on Exercise Performance

How you perform in daily life is one thing. But once you hop on a bike, step onto a ball field, or take center ice, it’s a whole other story. Regardless of the sport, you need to be primed and ready to go. And not just ready for action, but you want to excel and stand out. This often leads people down the path of searching for a supplement that gives them the competitive edge they so desire. 

Although it’s not usually thought about as a first line of offense in this situation, CoQ10 has actually been making waves as a go-to option. Here is a little more insight as to why you might want to add this supplement to your daily regimen.

What Happens to Your Muscles When you Exercise?

Here’s something you may not have thought about when it comes to working out. Your muscles actually go through a process where they get damaged. Tiny micro-tears occur, which is a good thing.

Then they heal and your muscles get bigger and stronger. It’s part of the process involved with bulking up or maintaining size. And just for the record, the healing often takes place when you are sleeping. So do not neglect sleep! 

Overall, the greater the muscle recruitment and load being placed upon your body, the more damage you will see. This even occurs with long distance, endurance-type training, but to a bit of a lesser degree. But remember, this is a good thing and it’s part of the muscle-building equation.  

      How CoQ10 Prevents Muscle Damage


      As mentioned, recovery starts when you are at rest. And the most recovery takes place while you are asleep. However, this process can sometimes take a minute and leave you feeling lethargic and sore. 

      In fact, delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS as it is sometimes called, often does not even fully kick in for 12 to 24 hours, according to the American College of Sports Medicine. You are then left with the gloomy task of walking flights of stairs, getting in and out of bed and sitting on the toilet with a bevy of painful muscles.1

      But the good news is, CoQ10 has been known to block the production of enzymes associated with muscle damage during exercise. Or at least, greatly reduce them. This, in turn, reduces the actual muscle damage you sustain. 

      Although some muscle breakdown is necessary to build, you want to find a “sweet spot” that is not too aggressive. By using CoQ10, you can do just that.

      How CoQ10 Promotes Muscle Growth

      Fast-twitch muscle is the type responsible for the most gain in size. And regardless if you are a hardgainer or someone who can pack on muscle easily, this is the type you want to focus on for bulking up. 

      Supplementing with CoQ10 for a series of weeks has been known to increase the amount of fast-twitch muscle fibers in the body. The end result is a parallel increase in size. 

      Additionally, according to the National Institutes of Health, oral administration of CoQ10 can boost physical performance and reduce fatigue while exercising. Both of which can lend handy to improvements in muscle gain.2

      Additional Benefits of CoQ10

      Aside from muscle gain and recovery, it should be noted that there are plenty of other benefits that come with CoQ10. Heart health is perhaps the most important. According to the Mayo Clinic, it can help with heart failure and keeping high blood pressure under control.3

      Additionally, it can help with headaches, fertility, cancer prevention, diabetes, brain function and keeping the skin looking youthful. 

      As you can clearly see, CoQ10 is a great supplement to take if you are looking to build muscle, speed recoveries or just simply acquire better all-around health.








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      • Michael

        If you are taking statins, and not taking CoQ10 you are definitely missing out. I quit running and was discouraged by sore muscles all the time, then I started taking CoQ10, it didn’t do much until I found Qunol, now I’m back to running, and riding bike, with the usual expected amount of muscle soreness.

      • Gary Mann
        Gary Mann

        Good reading-I exercise religiously and use CoQ10 every day and after reading your “release”, glad that I do …

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