Tips For Eating Healthy On The Go

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Life is busy these days. The demands on your time and energy can be overwhelming and you are just trying to keep all the balls in the air. You know that healthy eating will give you the stamina you need to do it all, but when you are busy, your diet is usually the first to go. Fast food is pretty convenient, for sure. But, just because you are busy doesn’t mean that you have to hit the drive thru. Here are our favorite tips for eating healthy on the go.

Plan Ahead

When you don’t have a plan, you are much more likely to simply do what is easiest. At the beginning of your week, sit down with your calendar and make a plan for meals. It doesn’t have to be a meal plan necessarily if you are going to be eating out or traveling, but at least have an idea of where you might be eating your meals.

        Meal Prep

        Preparing food ahead of time is the best way to be sure you have what you need during a busy week. How much meal prep you want to do depends on your week. Consider washing and chopping veggies to add in to a quick dinner. Hard boil a few eggs to have on hand for high protein snacks. Grill or cook a few chicken breasts or lean beef to use for meals or on top of a salad. Make a large pot of soup or chili that can be frozen and reheated for a quick meal.

          Use Convenience Foods

          Most grocery stores have a wide variety of healthy convenience foods available. Pre-chopped vegetables can make dinner prep super easy. Some of them even come in bags that can be popped right into the microwave for steaming. Brown rice, quinoa, or other grains are available in pre-cooked microwavable pouches. Check out the deli section for healthy protein options like rotisserie chicken. Having these types of foods on hand can make getting dinner together incredibly easy and fast.

          Pack Meals and Snacks

          One of the easiest ways to eat healthy is to bring your own food. This does take a bit of time at night or in the morning, but it can make a huge difference. Tuna or chicken salad packs are a great place to start for lunch. Chop up some lettuce and other veggies for a quick salad. Or throw in a few whole grain crackers or a whole wheat wrap. Pre-packaged nuts, protein bars, or hummus and veggie cups can be eaten as a quick and healthy snack during a busy workday.

          Planning is really the key to healthy eating no matter how busy you are. There are lots of less than ideal options that are quick and easy, but with a little bit of planning ahead and research you can stick to your healthy diet. 


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