How to Reverse Heart Disease with a Vegetarian Diet

Once you get set on the path to heart disease, it can seem impossible to get back on the road to health. Aside from looking into medical therapies to help ease the contributing factors, there are a few ways to help negate the damage done to your cardiovascular system and reverse heart disease, according to a study cited by the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine.

These methods were discovered by Dr. Dean Ornish in the 90s, who found combining a vegetarian diet with brisk walking and stress management was effective for reopening clogged arteries and lowering high cholesterol. A diet rich in vegetables with minimal animal fats and oils greatly reduces cholesterol.

Dr. Ornish suggests making small adjustments to wean animal products out of your daily meals. If you’re having trouble giving up your weekly cheeseburger, try transitional vegetarian options, such as a veggie burger. As you become more aware of all the meat and fat you’re consuming, it will be much easier to opt for the bean burrito over the beef taco.

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