Statins and Fatigue: Is Your Cholesterol Medication Making You Tired?

Statins and Fatigue: Is Your Cholesterol Medication Making You Tired?

Though widely accepted for their effectiveness in lowering cholesterol, statins may cause side effects that can interfere with your quality of life. Low energy is one of these side effects. Studies have found a link between statins and fatigue that can interfere with your ability to enjoy daily life. The higher the dose of statins, the higher your chances of experiencing such side effects.

While it’s not unusual to expect side effects from many prescription drugs, it helps to understand why these adverse reactions occur. In some cases, they can be reversed by taking action such as lifestyle changes, exercise and supplementing your diet; however, there are other statin side effects that can lead to serious long-term health issues if left untreated. So it’s important to understand the facts. If you experience any side effects while taking a statin, make sure you consult with your doctor before stopping your medication.

Statins and Fatigue

A general feeling of fatigue and tiredness, particularly upon exertion, is a possible side effect of statin medications. A team of scientists led by Beatrice Golomb, MD, Ph.D., out of the University of California, San Diego, conducted a study to determine the effects of statins on energy and fatigue with exertion. The data showed that those taking statin drugs reported having a much higher incidence of low energy compared to the placebo group.

The issue with low energy is that it leads to a lack of motivation and activity or physical exercise, and this can lead to diseases associated with being sedentary. Without the energy to perform the necessary tasks to keep you fit and active during the day, your physical health and mental health may eventually suffer. This is Dr. Golomb’s real concern with statins, particularly when prescribed to younger adults and people in high-risk groups. Do the benefits of taking these drugs outweigh the risks involved?

While it is understood that statins lower cholesterol and help fight plaque build-up in the arteries, thereby saving lives, they do so at the risk of compromising other vital nutrients in the body, namely coenzyme Q10.

Life-Giving Energy and CoQ10

Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10 for short, is a naturally occurring nutrient-like coenzyme that plays a key role in 95% of our body’s energy production at the cellular level. Without it, your cells cannot thrive. However, research shows that the natural production of CoQ10 by the body is interrupted by statin drugs and that with them, your CoQ10 levels can drop by as much as 40%. This effect may be felt as low energy and exertion fatigue, and could possibly be accompanied by muscle tenderness and localized pain. As Golomb emphasized in her study, these side effects are troubling because they point to a breakdown of cell health that carries serious implications for your long-term health.

A possible solution is to consider supplementing your diet with CoQ10. As an active antioxidant, CoQ10 possesses many potential health benefits on top of their potential benefits to statin users. It is regularly used for heart health, cellular health, and can help keep blood pressure levels within normal limits.

In fact, CoQ10 is recommended by more cardiologists than any other supplement for all patients and, specifically, statin patients.*

If you’re taking statins, it’s fair to say that your cardiovascular health is already at risk, so you want to do everything you can to improve and protect it. Bumping up your natural levels of CoQ10 with a dietary supplement may give you an energy boost and help protect the health of your heart.

CoQ10 and Energy

One of the largest producers of energy in the body is the heart. It needs an incredible amount of CoQ10 to keep it going 24 hours a day. In turn, it provides energy for the body and oxygenated blood to feed the muscles and organs. But if you’re taking statins, your levels of CoQ10 will be compromised and your heart might not be able to keep up with the demands of your body, leaving you with no get-up-and-go. So you can begin to understand how crucial CoQ10 is for overall good health and maintaining a healthy body.

That’s just one example of what can happen when your levels of CoQ10 are low. Every organ, muscle and living tissue in your body relies on CoQ10 for metabolic health and vitality. But while on statins, CoQ10 suffers by as much as 40% and research has shown that supplementing with CoQ10 while taking a statin medication can help return your body to optimal CoQ10 levels.

Feeling energetic is something everyone wants to wake up feeling every day. It is central to living a high quality of life and having a great day. So make a note to check out CoQ10 and the amazing health benefits it can offer you. It will help boost your CoQ10 levels and is the key to good heart health!

*AlphaImpactRx ProVoice Survey 2016

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