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What You Need to Know About Inflammation 2

Inflammation can occur just about anywhere in the body from the gut to the gums to the eyes and the joints. We’re all familiar with the acute pain of stubbing a big toe

4 Reasons Why You Should be Taking a CoQ10 Supplement 3


While statins help to keep your cholesterol levels under control, they can also deplete your body of essential compounds

4 Common Drugs that Increase Statin Side Effects 4

One of the main things to consider before treating your high cholesterol with statins is pharmaceutical interactions with other medications. 

Should You Keep Taking Statins After Your Cholesterol Goes Down? 0

According to medical professionals, statins may help reduce your cholesterol by 50%. That’s quite an...

Statins And Memory Loss: Is there a link? 6

The risk of taking statins is a subject that continues to be debated and tested. Though researchers continue to make strides in favor of the effective cholesterol-lowering drugs, consumer reports and patient feedback suggest there may still be some work to do.


The Rare Side Effects of Statins You Need to Know About 2

It is reported that 1 in 10 people will experience some side effects while taking statins. Depending on the brand, these reported side effects may vary. You should check the label of your cholesterol-lowering medication and find the FDA required warnings to be sure.