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Make Sure You Don’t Mix Grapefruit and Statins 2

Make Sure You Don’t Mix Grapefruit and Statins

As you learn more about your diet and how important nutrition is to your overall health, you’ll sometimes be surprised at what you discover.

What You Need to Know About Inflammation 2

Inflammation can occur just about anywhere in the body from the gut to the gums to the eyes and the joints. We’re all familiar with the acute pain of stubbing a big toe

4 Reasons Why You Should be Taking a CoQ10 Supplement 3


While statins help to keep your cholesterol levels under control, they can also deplete your body of essential compounds

4 Common Drugs that Increase Statin Side Effects 4

One of the main things to consider before treating your high cholesterol with statins is pharmaceutical interactions with other medications. 

Should You Keep Taking Statins After Your Cholesterol Goes Down? 0

According to medical professionals, statins may help reduce your cholesterol by 50%. That’s quite an...

Statins And Memory Loss: Is there a link? 6

The risk of taking statins is a subject that continues to be debated and tested. Though researchers continue to make strides in favor of the effective cholesterol-lowering drugs, consumer reports and patient feedback suggest there may still be some work to do.