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Articles — CoQ10

Why You Need CoQ10 for a Healthy Heart [Infographic] 9

Your body makes an important nutrient-like coenzyme called CoQ10 that helps produce 95% of the energy needed...

Why Qunol is the Better CoQ10 [Infographic] 3

Most of the nutrients from the food we eat and the supplements we take must pass through the walls of our intestines before they

Statins And Memory Loss: Is there a link? 6

The risk of taking statins is a subject that continues to be debated and tested. Though researchers continue to make strides in favor of the effective cholesterol-lowering drugs, consumer reports and patient feedback suggest there may still be some work to do.


Ubiquinone vs. Ubiquinol 5

There are two forms of CoQ10: ubiquinone and ubiquinol. Although ubiquinone and ubiquinol are two distinct chemical structures they are closely related and are inter-converted via a cyclical chemical reaction known as “redox”. Here are some key facts about the distinctions between ubiquinone and ubiquinol:
Statin Users, CoQ10 Is Your New Best Friend

Statin Users, CoQ10 Is Your New Best Friend 7

While statins help to keep your cholesterol levels under control, they can also deplete your body of essential compounds and chemicals that keep the body running smoothly.
CoQ10 is the Antioxidant Your Body Needs

CoQ10 is the Antioxidant Your Body Needs 0

An important quality of CoQ10 is that it acts as an antioxidant in your body. This has a range of health benefits, from supporting energy production to replenishing low CoQ10 levels brought on by statin use. CoQ10 is the antioxidant your body needs – however, it’s important to understand how your CoQ10 is working in order to take the best form for your health conditions.