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Is Excess Sugar to Blame for Heart Disease? 1

In recent years, we’ve been worried about how fat affects our risk of heart disease. It turns out we should also be worried about sugar.

What You Need to Know About Inflammation 2

Inflammation can occur just about anywhere in the body from the gut to the gums to the eyes and the joints. We’re all familiar with the acute pain of stubbing a big toe

How to Accurately Measure Your Blood Pressure 2

How to Accurately Measure Blood Pressure

Your blood pressure indicates how well your blood is circulating. These numbers are an indicator of how much stress is being put on your heart

The Essentials of Essential Hypertension 1

The Essentials of Essential Hypertension

Essential hypertension is the most common form of high blood pressure in America, accounting for 95% of all reported cases. The good news is, it is a highly modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

Preventing After Meal Blood Sugar Spikes 2

Preventing After Meal Blood Sugar Spikes

Eating balanced meals throughout the day helps to regulate your blood sugar and avoid insulin spikes after meals.

Dr. Travis Stork’s 4 Heart Health Tips 2

Dr. Travis Stork Helps You Look and Feel Your Best

For February heart health awareness month, Dr. Travis Storkshares simple ways people can improve their heart health from snacking smarter, to mindfulness, and adding key nutrients.