Why Qunol is the Better CoQ10 [Infographic]

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  • PAUL

    Does anyone know if Qunol is made from natural or synthetic materials?

  • Andre
    I am a man 70 year’s old normally good shape with 2 stents in arteries since 15 years still working well. I read a lot about your product and wish to switch to it. Am now taking Ubiquinol 200mg+ vitamin D 1000. My question: Is your product Ubiquinol or Ubiquinone? What is the recommended daily dose?Can i take it continuously all my life? Am taking also daily fish oil since 2 months, is there any side effect to take them together?Pls give the exact name and specs of the supplement i have to buy. Thank you a lot.
  • Patrick Abandy
    Patrick Abandy

    What is the difference between Ubiqunol CoQ10 and Qunol CoQ10?

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