Why You Need CoQ10 for a Healthy Heart [Infographic]

1. Fuke, C., Krikorian, S.A., Couris, R.R.. (2000). Coenzyme Q10: a review of essential functions and clinical trials. US Pharmacist, 25(10), 28-41.
2. De Pinieux, G., et al. (1996). Lipid-lowering drugs and mitochondrial function: effects of HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors on serum ubiquinone and blood lactate/pyruvate ratio. British J Clin Pharmacol, 42, 333-337.
3. "Regular CoQ10" refers to unsolubilized ubiquinone in oil suspensions in softgels and/or powder-filled capsules or tablets.
4. 2016 AlphaImpactRx ProVoice Survey. “Form" refers to water- and fat-soluble CoQ10.

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  • Patricia TAFOYA
    Patricia TAFOYA

    I have been taking both coq10 and Turmeric for a while now I’m 70 and I feel great. Still do alot of hard work without any pain. I will continue taking them. I often tell my friends about Qunol it’s the best.

  • Roulettei Gildersleeve
    Roulettei Gildersleeve

    A close friend showed me your product and has such confidence in it. I took my first dose this morning and will continually monitor how I feel. Often supplements I take make me feel disoriented. I have great expectations.

  • Carroll Harrison
    Carroll Harrison

    Have been taking and as a Pastor have many my congregants taking it!!! Too, it truly works!

  • Charlotte Cohan
    Charlotte Cohan

    I am a 79 year old young lady. I take Qunol in the morning.
    It makes me feel more awake and energized.

  • Annbatchelor

    Have been using coq10 for 2 years love the product

  • Sharon Adair
    Sharon Adair

    My husband and I started taking the liquid Q10 you make and the liquid Tumeric. I can tell you there is a definite difference for the better in our joints. We are 58 and 60 and suffer from many sports injuries which resulted in arthritis in some of those areas, very painful. Since taking the liquid Tumeric the pain is almost gone! Thank you!!

  • Tom Heggen
    Tom Heggen

    I love this product. I take it myself every day and tell my patients to use it also. I encounter patients every single day who have been placed on Statin drugs who do not know that they also need CoQ 10. Qunol is the one I tell them to take because I know they will absorb it and it will do the job for them. It is one of the few supplements I recommend by name because it is that good.

  • Daniel T. Reid
    Daniel T. Reid

    Your product is the best for the buck

  • Terrie Carpenter
    Terrie Carpenter
    I am 58 years old had a heart attack and a double bypass two years ago been taken CoQ10 ever sense and after reading this report I continue to keep taking CoQ10!!and I am going to recommend it to my father who is 85 and just had a pacemaker put in
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