" My two-year-old son was diagnosed with prader-willi syndrome, 3 weeks after birth in 2015. After we grieved the birth of the healthy child we thought we were having, we(my husb and I) dusted ourselves off and begin to fight, Advocate, and learn about the syndrome, so that we could do all that we could to help Ethan live a better life. We were introduced to a team that consisted of about 6 specialist... All playing a very different role in the syndrome. There's endocrinologist, dietitians, neurologist, and many other specialist that we encounter to ensure Ethan stays healthy. We were informed by dr. Miller about the benefits of CoQ10 and started Ethan on it at about 8 months old. Along with a few other supplements. It really does help with the energy level and alertness. We do what we can for Ethan, so when we were suggested the CoQ10, it was a no-brainer that we wanted him on it. He has been doing very well so far, and I hope things stay that way because prader-willi is a tricky syndrome. We also have a healthy 11 year old daughter, and a seven-year-old son that has cerebral palsy. We do everything we can for both of our boys and her daughter so they may all great success in life. Again thank you so much for reaching out to me, and for the bottle of CoQ10. That is very generous. We were very glad you were able to attend the conference, since you are such a huge part of our (PWS) world. Most of pw babies, toddlers, and adults take CoQ10, and the ones that didn't got to learn about it at your table at the conference. So thank you guys for coming out.

-Breanna Y., Harlingen, TX

" My two-year-old son was diagnosed with prader-willi syndrome, So far the baby has been on the CoQ10 for almost 2 weeks. The flavor is really good for her and she willing takes the meds orally. Possibly have seen a bit of an increase in her energy so far with more activity over the whole day.

-Bryan G., Lee's Summit, MO (speaking of child with Prader-Willi Syndrome)

" It was very nice getting to talk to you and your associate. Thank you again for being present at the conference. Yes, like I had said Qunol CoQ10 helped my son “wake up”. He was born on April 20th 2016, April 28th was the first day he actually opened his eyes. We were in nicu for 35 days. Within that time we got our diagnosis and started researching. We found PWSA and started talking with a lot of people. The first supplement that was suggested to us was CoQ10. So naturally we got a membership to Costco and Emeric started CoQ10 at 7 weeks. Within the time we brought him home and him starting the supplement he slept all day and night, 21-23 hours per day. The first day he started CoQ10 we got an automatic response with him. He was awake for 3 hours that day! We got to enjoy our child a little bit more. We got to see his eyes for just a little bit longer. As the days went by he became more alert more aware and looked “present” in our day to day lives! Thank you for being available over the counter. Thank you for being affordable Thank you for being part of Emeric’s journey. Cheers to so many positive stories, merry Christmas and happy new year.

-Mallary U., Carlisle, PA

" My cardiologist recommended that I take CoQ10 for my heart condition several years ago. I took regular CoQ10 for probably ten years until I saw the ad for Qunol. I asked him about the claims and he said, there is no harm in trying the product. I see my cardiologist every six months and he always does a battery of tests and he asked if I had changed anything significant. I said, no other than now I am taking Qunol and he said, that's marvelous, your heart seems stronger than it was just a couple of years ago! Needless to say, I'm pleased! And so his he! It's my understanding that he is now recommending Qunol to all of his patients!"

-Jimmy, Cincinnati, OH

" Amazing product! Will continue to purchase! I was looking for a way to change my lifestyle and improve my health for the better, when I came across this wonderful product after my doctor suggested taking a CoQ10 supplement. I have been taking this product once daily for over a year now and have seen a significant change in the way that I feel. I have more energy, feel less sluggish and feel overall healthier. I have also had my blood levels checked numerous times and all levels are back to normal. Not only is it a health benefit, it is affordable and easy to swallow. I will forever be a consumer of Qunol Ultra CoQ10!

-CariAnne, Alabama