Many of us are currently taking a CoQ10 supplement to help restore our CoQ10 levels. Our levels can be depleted due to age, stress, and cholesterol-lowering medications (statins) and CoQ10 supplements are a good way to restore CoQ10. CoQ10 is also important because it is essential for energy production, supports heart and vascular health, and is a powerful antioxidant.

If you are not truly absorbing your CoQ10 supplement, you may not be able to experience its potential bene­fits. Regular1 CoQ10, typically found in most powder-filled capsules and softgels, struggles with absorption because of its large molecule size and the fact that it often dissolves very poorly in fat and does not dissolve in water (such as the water-friendly environment found in our intestines). 



Choose a Soluble CoQ10 Supplement for Superior Absorption

Our intestines are a water-friendly environment and water-soluble substances absorb more efficiently than fat-soluble substances. This is why water-soluble forms of CoQ10 supplements absorb better than regular1 CoQ10. Choosing a CoQ10 supplement that is water-soluble, in addition to fat-soluble, ensures that your body will absorb more of the CoQ10 and allow you to experience its potential benefits.

In order for CoQ10 to be effective, serum levels must reach high enough concentrations in the bloodstream. Some research has shown that water-soluble CoQ10 leads to significantly higher serum levels than regular CoQ10.2

Because of the absorption issues with regular CoQ10, a common practice is to take very large doses in the hopes that more will be absorbed. However, this brute force approach can get expensive in a hurry, and still only offers minimal incremental benefits.

A better option is to choose a CoQ10 supplement that is both water and fat-soluble to ensure you reach therapeutic levels quickly and efficiently. 

Qunol® CoQ10 Supplements are the Better Choice

Qunol® CoQ10 uses a unique formulation that is water and fat soluble, unlike regular1 CoQ10 that does not dissolve in water and often dissolves very poorly in fat.

Studies show that Qunol® Ultra is up to 3 times better absorbed than regular CoQ10,2 and that it can help you increase levels of CoQ10 in just weeks – rather than months like regular CoQ10, so you can experience the potential benefits faster. This is why Qunol® has the #1 cardiologist recommended form of CoQ10.³



1Regular CoQ10 refers to unsolubilized ubiquinone in oil suspensions in soft gels and/or powder filled capsules/tablets

2Chopra, R.K., et al. (1998). Bioavailability of Coenzyme Q1O in Humans. Internal. J. Vit. Nutr, Res. 68, 109-113. Received for publication August 4, 1997.

3 IQVIA ProVoice Survey. (Form refers to water and fat-soluble CoQ10).